QUESTION: How does Tugg work?

ANSWER: Tugg handles all the arrangements with the theater, so you can focus on encouraging members and others to attend.  However, the event will only happen if enough tickets are reserved in advance to meet the threshold (usually about 70-100), so spread the word! When the minimum threshold is met, Tugg emails tickets to attendees. If an event does not meet threshold before its deadline, the screening will be called off and no one is charged for their ticket reservation.


QUESTION: Does everyone have to purchase their ticket online? ANSWER: Tickets can not be purchased at the theater box office! However, online purchase of tickets is quick and easy. For people who don't use the Internet, or would rather pay with a check or cash, there is a simple solution. The church can purchase tickets in bulk and then collect funds from individuals. There is no discount for bulk purchases. If you have a large purchase, you may contact to have your order taken over the phone.


QUESTION: How much are tickets? ANSWER: Theaters set the price. In some places that is as low as $7... in others it ranges up to $12.


QUESTION: How many people can attend?

ANSWER: People can continue to purchase advanced tickets until the theater is full.  Usually events are booked in a smaller theater (100-150 seats) to begin with, and  are upgraded if your event fills up (to theaters in the 300+ range). In some cases, if the theater is full,  Tugg can add a second showing on the night of your event. Of course,  you can always add another screening on a different date.


QUESTION: What's the timing of all this? ANSWER: Once you request a screening, it takes about 2-7 days for Tugg to make arrangements with the theater.  When the theater logistics are arranged, you will get an email, and ticket sales can begin immediately--on a special web site Tugg will set up for your event. Tugg keeps a running total of tickets sold, and once your event reaches the minimum, your event is confirmed. Tickets can continue to be sold until the day of the event.


QUESTION: Is this suitable for young children? ANSWER: At an 108 minutes, it's a bit long for younger children. We recommend high-school age and up.  For younger children, we are developing a special "kid's edition" which will be ready in the Spring of 2017.


QUESTION: Ticket sales are slow. What can I do?

ANSWER:  If ticket sales are slow, give us a call and  we can offer some additional strategies to get you to the threshold.  Call us at (262) 558-8437

QUESTION: Can church leadership see the film in advance?  ANSWER: If church leaders would like a preview of the film, email your request to


QUESTION: My church is small. We may not have enough people for a screening. ANSWER:  Feel free to partner with neighboring churches, or any church-related organization in your area. Once you set up a screening, anyone can purchase tickets to that screening. So you could partner with two, three, or a dozen churches in your area.


QUESTION: Can my screening have special features like a welcome from the pastor, Q&A at the end, or information table? ANSWER: Yes, when you fill out the Event Request Form to set up your screening, you will see an option to:

• Select an Introduction and/or post-film Q&A time for a total of up to 30 minutes.

• Select to have a mic and table present at the screening (pending availability) Tables will only be permitted inside the auditorium and cannot be used for the sale of merchandise.


QUESTION: My church has a big screen TV for screening movies. Can we show the film in our church, instead of a local theater? ANSWER: Yes,  we offer a license for screening the film at your church. More details on setting that up are available here.


QUESTION: How can this event be a fundraiser for my church? ANSWER: Remember, there is no cost to book a screening, in fact you will receive a payment: five percent of the ticket sales return to your organization for whatever purpose you designate.


QUESTION: How can I tell people in my congregation about the screening? ANSWER: We have  an assortment of promotional tools to make it super easy. Use our  downloadable bulletin inserts, posters, video clips,  suggested Facebook posts etc.


QUESTION: My city doesn’t have a Martin Luther screening. How can I see it? ANSWER:Visit the Host A Screening page for more information on how to bring  the film to your city.


QUESTION: I can’t find my tickets? ANSWER: Tickets will only be emailed once the event meets threshold. Be sure to check your spam folder! If you still can't find your tickets, email


QUESTION: I'm a little confused, is there someone I can call? ANSWER Certainly, our team is ready to answer your questions. Call us at (262) 558-8437